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Top 10 Hot Paying Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

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Did you know you can make money online – even without a website of your own? Did you know that through affiliate marketing you can earn a living? Then what is this affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is a means of promoting or advertising the goods and services of a particular company to earning a commission when a purchase made through your link.


affiliate marketing in Nigeria, you don’t need money to buy the product or to worry about making post deliveries. You just need a guide to promote a product and get paid for each sale initiated from your link. this kind of opportunities is one legit way to earn multiple incomes from the comfort of your home.

What affiliate program is the best to promote in Nigerian? There are various affiliate marketing companies in Nigeria you can register with, to promote their products and earn commissions. If you have a blog with enough daily or monthly visitors or social media platform with a Nigerian audience, your chance of making extra money from the comfort of your home is assured.


How To Start Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria?

Learning how to start affiliation marketing in Nigeria can be an opportunity for you to earn passive income.

In fact, affiliation marketing is one of the most lucrative businesses you can do that will help you make money online.

According to the Statistic report, affiliation marketing spending in the United States alone will reach $ 8.2 billion by 2022.

This does not mean parking money on the Internet after signing up for some of the hot paying affiliate programs.

There are things you need to do before becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

So as a beginner, this guide will walk you through the process.

You will learn the basics of promoting someone else’s business and earning commissions online.

Since affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable online businesses that you could do without capital, you have no excuse not to make money online.

This is the kind of business you do, where you don’t need to have your own product, inventory, stores, or shipping capacity before you start making money.

Since all you need is taken care of by the affiliate marketing companies you partner with, yours is just for marketing.

You help them promote their products and refer new customers to them.

While companies bear the costs of running the business – designing, manufacturing, and shipping the products – you have your own share of their profits.

If you can convince people and influence their buying decision, then affiliation marketing can be a great way to make money online.

Meanwhile, affiliation marketing can be a challenge for beginners.

But the truth is, you have to work hard to earn great commissions. And if you can follow the right strategies, affiliate marketing really pays off.

All you need is to know how to get clicks on your affiliate links and make sure that you are generating enough sales through your leads.


Here are the Top 10 Hot Paying Affiliate Marketing Programs For Nigerians.


1. Qservers affiliate Program

qservers affiliate program

Qservers offers an affiliates program where you can earn commissions by promoting their hosting services online.

How does Qserverst affiliate program work?

Qservers pays affiliate marketers a flat fee of 60% for all domain or hosting that originate through their affiliate link and 60% of the profit Qservers makes from sales generated from an affiliate link for Nigerian web-hostess. For example, if a customer buys a domain or hosting service worth N150,000 and Qservers profit is N15,000, your commission will be 70% of N15,000 which is N10,500.

To join their affiliate program:

Register for free to be a Qservers affiliate.
After approval, get your affiliate link, tools, and other promotional content.
Share your affiliate link on your website or online platforms.
Earn a commission once your referral pays for a flight.
Click here to join Qservers Affiliate Program

 2. Jumia affiliate program

affiliate marketing in nigeria
Jumia is among the biggest e-commerce websites in Nigeria for fashion, electronics, games and consoles, and many more. They have affiliate programs in which you can promote Jumia products to Nigerians on your blogs, websites, and social media pages.

How does the Jumia affiliate market work?

You need a functional website or blog, with an email address, and a bank account, to register as an affiliation with Jumia. As a Jumia affiliate, you will have access to reporting tools to analyze and optimize your performance to earn higher. Jumia has a good commission rate which can be as high as 13%.

To join the Jumia affiliate program:

Sign up for free on Jumia affiliate website and wait for your application to be approved.
Once approved, choose the product(s) you will like to promote.
Generate your unique affiliate link and get banners, feed, etc. for promotion.
Share your affiliate link on your website social media platforms.
Earn a commission on all orders a customer makes within 7 days from clicking on your link.
Click here to join Jumia Affiliate Program

 3. Bet9ja Affiliate Program

affiliate marketing in nigeria
Bet9ja is a sports betting giant in Nigeria and is currently ranked as the 3rd most visited Nigerian website on Alexa. With the height of sports betting sites in Nigeria, you would make passive income by becoming a Bet9ja affiliate.

How does Bet9ja affiliate program work?

As a marketing affiliate on Bet9ja, you can earn up to 30% of what each of your referrals has lost and won in bet9ja. To join Bet9ja affiliate program:

Sign up for free to create an affiliate account.
Log in to your account after approval.
Get data, images, texts, affiliate links, logos, and any other information you need to advertise Bet9ja on your website.
Embed your affiliate links on your website and social media platforms.
Get paid monthly for referrals generated through your link.
Click here to join Bet9ja Affiliate Program

 4. DomainKing Affiliate Program

affiliate marketing in nigeria
DomainKing is a popular domain and web hosting company in Nigeria. DomainKing pays 80% of each web hosting sale generated from your link. Payment is withheld for 45 days after each sale and the minimum payout is ₦1,000. No commission paid for domain name purchases.

How does DomainKing affiliate program work?

Sign up for free.
Log in to your account and get banners, your referral links, and other marketing materials to place on your website or blog.
You would earn commissions for every sale made through your affiliate link.
Here how to join DomainKing Affiliate Program

 5. Hog furniture affiliate Program

what is affiliate marketing?
Hog Furniture is the best among the Nigerian retail companies that sell outdoor furniture’s, homewares and office furnishings.

How does Hog Furniture affiliates program work?

Hog Furniture pays up to 3 % commission for every successful order that comes in your affiliate link. Your commission is paid directly into your bank account 7-12 days after a successful order. You can also use pioneer to receive your payment from Furniture affiliate program.

To become an affiliate:

Register on Hog Furniture affiliate website.
If approved, log in and download banners and get your referral link.
Share the banner & referral link on your website, blog, email, or other platforms.
Get paid once a sale is initiated through your link.
Click here to join Hog Furniture affiliate program

 6. Konga affiliate Programme

affiliate marketing in nigeria
You can be an affiliate on Konga even if you don’t own a website. Konga allows affiliate marketers who don’t have websites to advertise Konga products on other platforms such as forums, social media networks, or email.

How does Konga affiliate program work?

Konga Affiliation Programs use a combination (s) of cookies and IPs address to track their referrals. When a visitor follows your affiliate link to the Konga website, their affiliate system registers this referral and places cookies on the visitor’s computer. When the visitor pays for the product, Konga affiliate system checks for cookies or IP address and pays you up to 8% of the purchase value. Payment is made through bank transfer on the Friday of the second week of the next month. To become a Konga affiliate:

Sign up for free to create an affiliate account.
Receive your password and other info by email.
Log in to your own affiliate panel and get affiliate links, banners, text links, reviews, and other promotional materials.
Embed links and banners on your website or social media pages.
Receive up to 9% commission when your referral buys a product.
Click here to join Konga Affiliate Program


7. Wakanow affiliate program

Wakanow is an online travel company that offers services such as flight booking, hotels, airport transfers, tour packages, travel sim, travel insurance, PSS, and prepaid cards to the global market.

How does Wakanow affiliate program work?

Wakanow affiliate registration is not free. Wakanow partners with affiliates (individuals or travel agencies who sell travel products) and offer them discounted Wakanow products & services to sell to their customers and make large profits. They also have a referral program where affiliates get 50% of the registration fee of whoever they introduce to the Wakanow affiliate program. Wakanow only looking for websites or blogs that can simply drive huge traffic to their products

To become an affiliate:

Register on Wakanow affiliates portal.
Pay registration fee from the payment link sent to you.
Once approval is done, log-in credentials will be sent to you.
Log in to your account and start transactions.
Click here to join Wakanow Affiliate Program

 8. WhoGoHost Affiliate Program

WhoGoHost is one of the largest web hosting companies in Nigeria. If clients make a payment for any of WhoGoHosts products/ services through your affiliate links or contact advert (word of mouth), you get as much as 10% of the amount paid. You can only withdraw a minimum balance of N3,000. The best parts are that they credit your accounts with N500 for just joining.

How does WhoGoHost affiliate program work?

Sign up as an affiliate
Log in to your WhogoHost affiliate account to obtain banners and other promotional materials
Share your unique affiliate link on your website or blog, and to your subscribers via email and SMS. You can also advertise with word of mouth and remind the clients to mention that you referred him/ her.
You’ll get paid when the clients make payment
Click here to join WhoGoHost’s Affiliate Program

 9. TravelBeta Affiliate Program

TravelBeta is a Nigerian travel agency company that runs an affiliate program.

How does TravelBeta affiliate program work?

TravelBeta offers services such as international flight and domestic, tours, visa service, airport transfers, hotels, car rentals, and travel packages at a discount rate to their affiliate who can then promote to clients to make profits. You can promote TravelBeta products via email to potential customers if you do not have any website or blog. One good thing about TravelsBeta is that it is one of the highest paying affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria

Visit the partner sign up page and register for free.
An affiliate manager assigned to you will email you back either accepting or rejecting your application with reasons.
If accepted, choose promotional materials such as white labels, banners, text links, and XML feeds to display on your newsletter, website, or blog.
Send a monthly invoice based on the reports that you see in your affiliate account.
Get paid monthly when a customer makes a purchase through your link.
Click here to join TravelBeta Affiliate Program


 10. Nairabet affiliate program

Nairabet is one of the well-known online sport betting platforms in Nigeria. You can earn extra income by becoming a Nairabet affiliate.

How does the Nairabet affiliation program work?

As an affiliate marketer, Nairabet pays you 20%- 60% of every profit made by each customer you refer to. Your commission is paid directly into your bank account within 20 working days of the following month. Minimum withdrawal is ₦1000 for Nigerian affiliates. There is another interesting related niche you can target to make more money on Nairabet affiliate program.

To become an affiliate:

Register to create an account.
Wait for your application to be approved within 48 hours.
Log in and get your unique affiliate link, promotional materials, and access to tools such as Affiliate Message Center, Affiliate Statistics, and so on.

Promote the link on your website, blog, forums, email, or social media platforms.
Earn a commission for each person that signs up to Nairabet through your link.


What are the classified sites to promote affiliate link? 


Blog post

Getting started is one of the easiest ways to promote your affiliate links. Having a blog has several benefits, including making money. You can easily add an affiliation link to any of your blog posts.

Blog posts are also a profitable way to promote your links. Let’s say you have a blog about home renovations. If you have an affiliate link for interior painting, you can easily add this link to any blog post that talks about painting your home. There are many things related to blogging. Click here for more information on how to use a blog to your advantage.


Facebook Millions of people log into Facebook every day. If you don’t have your own personal page, you may want a business page or group. This is an easy way to promote your affiliate link to thousands of people at once. On a Facebook business page, you can share almost anything you want about your brand.

This can include posting photos, taking surveys, and interacting with the public. You can also have a Facebook group. They can be public or private online communities for specific topics. While your group may be specific to your blog or brand, it may be more beneficial to have a Facebook group dedicated to the niche you are in. Building on the theme of running a home renovation blog, you can have a Facebook group dedicated to -Interior Design Cost.

There you can easily share your affiliate link with group members. If you see a message about someone asking you for advice on your affiliate link, feel free to share it, but tell them for sure that you might get commissioned, but it won’t cost you a penny.

Before talking about the next way to promote your affiliate link, you can also use your own personal Facebook page. Your friends and family will be happy to help you if you are a member of a product or service that they are already considering buying.


When it comes to social media, Instagram is easily one of the most popular platforms. On this platform, there are celebrities, business owners, fan accounts and more. Instagram is best known for the level of engagement that takes place on the platform. If you don’t have one yet, create an Instagram account for your business or brand.

You can then post high-quality images or videos for your audience to see. This is a great way to stay relevant and generate more traffic.

How do you promote your affiliate link through Instagram? There are several popular ways to do this. For starters, you can post using a photo or video promoting the product.

It can be the main focus or part of a larger whole. You can tell your audience how this product or service is changing their lives and that they can use your link to buy it for themselves. The second way to do this is to use Instagram Stories. You can post a photo or video and it will last for 24 hours.

If you have 10,000 followers or more, you can include a link in your story and people can easily swipe up and be guided with your affiliate link. If you don’t have 10,000 followers or more, you can add your affiliate link to your Instagram bio and drive people to your bio with your posts.


Many people promote their affiliate links through advertisements. Whether these ads are on Facebook, Instagram or your blog, it is a common way to advertise your affiliate link.

When it comes to advertising, it is essential to state that you should never run ads that use your affiliate link directly. This can block you from various websites, including Facebook. You can use ads to link people to landing pages that tell more about your affiliate link.



We can’t talk about promoting affiliate links without mentioning YouTube. As it becomes increasingly difficult to gain an audience on YouTube, affiliate links help the creators to publish the videos.

If you are one of the lucky people with a huge following on YouTube, you probably won’t have a problem getting people to use your affiliate link. Put it in the description of any video you have and mention it in your videos as well. It is important to note that you should not talk about it for a long time and before each video.

This can put people off, prevent them from watching the video or even unsubscribe. Take 15 seconds at the beginning and end of your video to list your affiliate link. You can also make a single video to talk about it.


Twitter In terms of social networking, Twitter is another great option. Did you know that there are about 6,000 tweets per second on Twitter? That’s more than 500,000,000 tweets per day. Those numbers are astronomical, and it would be silly not to use them to your advantage. Create a Twitter account for your brand and follow similar accounts or your followers to let them know your business exists.

You can also promote your social media accounts with each other. For example, if you already have an Instagram account and have just created a Twitter account, it is useful to notify your followers on Instagram of your newly created Twitter account. This is an easy way to get followers on multiple platforms. You can post your affiliate link in your Twitter bio or a simple tweet. You can also use hashtags related to the product or service you are connected to.


A natural way to promote your affiliate link is to use tutorials to your advantage. If you have an affiliate link for a specific power tool, create a video or blog post showing users how it works. This not only allows them to see the product in action, but it shows that you are using it and that it can do what you say it does. One of the most searched things on YouTube is tutorials. This is a great way to grow your audience and drive people to your affiliate link.


Emails are a very versatile way to promote your affiliate link. There are a number of ways you can use email marketing to do just that. Email marketing has an investment return of approximately 4,000%. Anytime someone invests $ 10, they get an average return of $ 100. I don’t know about you, but it seems worth a look.

One way you can use email marketing to promote your affiliate link is a welcome newsletter. When someone visits your blog, you can give them the option to sign up for an email list. When they sign up, you can send a welcome email and attach your affiliate links to that email. When doing this, it is important to do it in moderation.

You don’t want your audience to just think you’re there to make money. Promoting too much can lose the vast majority of your audience. There are so many makers that there is someone else they can turn to. Do what you can to prevent that.


Podcasts are becoming more and more popular. People listen to their favourite podcasts more than the radio. There is a podcast available for almost any topic. Some of the most popular podcasts are on celebrities or on topics like true love or crime.

You can start your podcast or become a guest on it. It will be much easier to promote your affiliate link if you have your podcast. The best thing about this type of media is that it is very easy to grow quickly.

With something like YouTube, it can take a lot longer to get followers. If you’ve ever listened to a podcast, you’re probably used to sponsored product ads.

This is the main way podcasts are funded. Whether you have sponsored ads to read or not, you can list your affiliate link and put it in the episode description.


Many people promote their affiliate links through advertisements. Whether these ads are on Facebook, Instagram, or your blog, it is a common way to advertise your affiliate link.

When it comes to advertising, it is critical to indicate that you should never run ads that directly use your affiliate link. This allows you to get banned from various websites, including Facebook. You can use ads to link people to landing pages that provide more information about your affiliate link.

Guest posting

Not everyone has the time or the desire to create their blog. It’s a lot of work and it can be difficult to gain momentum in the beginning. If this sounds like you, consider posting a guest. Whether you have a blog or not, this is a great way to not only share your affiliate link but also to make friends and colleagues in the industry.

A guest post is exactly what it sounds like – you are a guest on someone else’s blog and you share content that is relevant to their audience. Doing this can introduce you to a whole new audience and potential customers. Depending on your state, you may have better luck reaching out to smaller bloggers in the first place. They would like to have free content for their blog and generally, you just need to promote yourself. It’s not a bad performance if you ask me.


People like free stuff. Another great way to promote your affiliate links is to run a contest. This will get people talking about your brand and increase engagement with your website. Suppose you are giving away a set of plates. You can allow your audience to share your contest for an additional entry to win.

This is a really easy way to reach a wider audience. You must associate your affiliate link with the match. You can do this by talking to your audience and telling them that if they use your affiliate link to buy a product, they are entering a giveaway.

You want to make sure the giveaway and contest are worth someone’s time and money. Nobody wants to spend money on a raffle that has bad prices.

Evergreen content

If you’ve never heard of evergreen content, it’s basically about creating content that stays constantly relevant. If you have a blog post with a year in the title, that post is no longer evergreen. Writing with a timeless method will generally create more customers through your affiliate thinking. This is because traffic is constantly growing over time.

Evergreen content can also help you continue to rank high in search engine results over time. One thing to keep in mind when creating timeless content is to check it out every now and then. This helps ensure that the information is up to date and that people can still access the content.


Broadcasting is becoming one of the most popular ways to reach people online. Whether you’re posting to a website like Facebook or YouTube or becoming a Twitch affiliate, hosting a webinar is a great way to promote your affiliate link to your audience.

You can use a live stream to talk about the specific product or service you are affiliated with. If you are an affiliate of multiple products of the same genre, talk about each of them to increase the chances that people will use them.

Let’s say you post on Instagram to talk to your followers about a rug for sale on Amazon that you are affiliated with. Some people might use your affiliate link for that rug, but what if someone is looking for a welcome mat instead of a rug? If you’re affiliated with products of similar genres, you could lose money if you don’t list them all.

I get it, not everyone is comfortable going out live in front of an audience. If so, you can film a pre-recorded webinar and post it on your websites or blogs. This can prevent wasted steps or awkward moments.


Most companies and professionals have a LinkedIn profile. This website has groups similar to Facebook. This is a great place to promote your affiliate link as it is a professional social media platform used for networking for people from similar industries.

If you are surrounded by colleagues or peers, they are much more likely to help you by shopping through your affiliate link. You can also use your Linkedin profile. If you don’t already have one, it’s essentially an online resume. You can include your affiliate link in the home section of your profile.

Coming out with product reviews and comparisons and updating them with time will make sense for your audience and will make them buy more of those products from your affiliate link.


Hope this guide will help you to get started with your dreams of Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria. Affiliate marketing is a form of performance marketing where a company rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought in by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.


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