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List Of 10 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria

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One of the easiest ways to earn money online is to partner with some of the best affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria. Not only does it provide you with passive income, but it is less stressful and easy to get started. All you need is the right strategy with the right planning.

Affiliate marketing in Nigeria is the process of marketing and advertising other people’s products on your behalf and referring customers to them. And for every sale you earn from your efforts, you earn rewards or commissions based on the affiliate program you partner with.

But don’t worry about which affiliate program to choose, this content will introduce you to the best affiliate programs in Nigeria. We’ve compiled this list considering the commission paid, support system, popularity and efficiency of your tracking system.

After reading this content, you can choose 1 or 2 out of the listed affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria and start making your own money.

How Profitable Is Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate marketing as we discussed in our previous post, and we said that is the most lucrative online businesses in Nigeria. Because it has a low initial cost as you don’t have to make your products from scratch. It is only up to you to make a lot of money quickly by selling the products of others.

It’s also easy to scale up and earn money online. You will passively win after going through the process. It’s only up to you to sign up for one of the simplest affiliate programs listed below. Choose a product you want to promote and receive your unique affiliate links. Start promoting on blogs, websites, social media pages and groups. This makes it easy to let customers buy via the link and you also earn your own money online.

Affiliate marketing in Nigeria can be suitable as an online job for college students, housewives because of its flexibility and simplicity. Let’s have enough about how profitable it is, let’s get to the list of the best affiliate programs in Nigeria.

10 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs in Nigeria

1. Jumia Affiliate Program

The Jumia affiliate program is among the highest-paid affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria, 2021. When you register with Jumia you can start earning money online from the comfort of your home. Simply drive traffic to a Jumia product with your unique affiliate link.

If you sell that product through your efforts, you will get a commission on the product. As one of the most popular online shopping stores in Nigeria, getting customers for Jumia products is quite easy. Jumia offers an 11% commission for each product sold based on the products in question.

2. Konga Partner Program

This is also a leading affiliate program in Nigeria. With thousands of products on the eCommerce site, it attracts a lot of audiences every day.

If you register with them, you will be entitled to a 9% commission on any product sold through your efforts. You don’t need to have a blog or website to get started. Because they have good tracking software to detect sales coming from their subsidiaries. Undoubtedly, Konga is among the best affiliate programs in Nigeria.

3. Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon, one of the most popular brands in the world, also has an affiliate marketing program for individuals, online marketers, and college students to earn money online.

The program is quite flexible and easy to use with many product options, in different niches to promote. Another added benefit of this important affiliate program is its popularity and widest audience.

4. Shopify Affiliate Program

The Shopify Affiliate Program is another major affiliate marketing program in Nigeria. Even though we don’t recommend it for beginners, they pay a lot of commissions to their partners.

The show pays for those who already have a larger audience. For example bloggers, YouTube channel owners, influencers, online marketers and some other experts.

5. PayPorte Affiliate Program

The list of the top 10 best affiliate programs in Nigeria will not be completed without mentioning the PayPorte affiliate program. like Konga, Jumia, Amazon and other eCommerce sites, it deals with fashion accessories, fabrics, computers and laptops, home appliances and others.

If you register with them as an affiliate on their website, you are ready to promote their products.

6. Web4Africa partner program

Web4Africa Affiliate is another legitimate affiliate marketing program for beginners physically based in Ghana. The company is engaged in reselling and exchanging Linux web hosting g and domain name registration for all types of websites.

Affiliates are responsible for recommending customers and customers to purchase their products. While making money online from the comfort (s) of your home.

7. Wakanow Affiliate Program

If you are the type who likes to travel a lot or if you have family and friends I can’t do it without travelling. You can sign up with the Wakanow partner and start earning commissions on your travels.

Wakanow is a travel company that sells various travel products at discounted rates to its affiliated companies. So they can make a profit on every product sold. Some of these products are Airline tickets, hotel tickets, airport pick-up and other package tours.

8. Vconnect Partner Program

Another online store in Nigeria that runs affiliate marketing programs for free is Vconnect. As your enrolled partner, you are expected to help raise awareness of your platform and attract customers. Which, in turn, pays you commissions for every sale made.

9. Qservers Affiliate Program

Like Web4Africa, this is another web hosting company that offers one of the best affiliate programs in Nigeria. Qservers offers web hosting and domain registrations for clients within and outside Nigeria. Your partners benefit from a 15% sales commission on every product sold through your unique affiliate link.

10. Bet9ja Affiliate Program

For sports enthusiasts, the Bet9ja affiliate program is the best option! Are you passionate about sports? Do you have friends who like to gamble? You can take advantage of their affiliate marketing program for free by registering with Bet9ja. And earn 20% referral commissions for every game played by those you refer (whether they lose or win).

You are also entitled to other benefits such as 100% welcome promotions (100,000) for winning your first customers. Plus 170% multi-boost accumulators and other associated benefits. If you want to sign up for the best affiliate program, visit their website to do so.

More about the Best Affiliate Programs in Nigeria

Of course, many others also offer the best affiliate programs for beginners such as TravelStart, Deal Dey, Clickfunnel, JVZoo, Aliexpress, Grammarly, etc. They all work the same way. You need to register with them first and get their unique link for products. Start promoting to different audiences to get customers and make money online.

Although, affiliate marketing is one of the profitable online business in Nigeria. It takes dedication, hard work and strategy to be successful. Do we hope you find our guide to the best affiliate programs in Nigeria helpful? Have a question or contribution lets see it in the comment section.

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