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​​Miracle Azubuike | ​April , 15 2021 | 5 mins read

​I always dreamed of being a ​Pharmacist

But JAMB ruined me for 4 years.

So I finally decided to settle for ​Laboratory Technician, in one Collage Of Health in the eastern part of the country.

Everything went well in my first year. High grades and everything.

In the second year, an incident occurred that changed ​everything upside down.

I ​felt ill ​that all ​most cost my life, I couldn't get up from sick bed for complete one good year.

​My parent took me to the Hospital but the Doctor and Nurses told us to go that the sickness is not what they can do, and that's after one month of staying in the Hospital.

​They took me back to the house hoping that one day I will die since the Doctor has said that ​the sickness is not what he can ​handle.

During that period I was in severe pain that neither the English Doctor nor the Native Doctor was able to tell what's wrong with me.

All hope was lost.

To cut the story short; I'm Alive today, I did not die, but something happened.

My mates, mean my course mates all graduated before me. I didn't graduate with my set because before I could fully recover from the illness ​three years has already left.​And by then my mind and my spirit has given up on ​school. 

And by then some of my course mates have gotten a job and started making money. So, everything on my mind then was how to make money.

My Dad encouraged me to go back to school I refused, because I want to start making money like my friends.

I surveyed the average monthly income of graduates and was blown away.

I've looked at most of the ​Laboratory Technician graduates I knew.

Most were teachers.

Some were high school teachers.

And same were working

A job you can get is the kind of job you do to survive.

I didn't want to be any of that.

So I started investigating.

One day I came across a little book with stories of people under 30 who became millionaires and did business online.

This was in 2017 and, just like then, Nigerians believed that everything to do with online business = yahoo

Well, I read the book and it was opened up to completely new information.

Almost by chance, about 3 weeks later, someone at my street was hosting a free online money-making seminar.

I ran there to attend.

That was the first time I learned about creating small businesses online from scratch.

The next seminar I attended cost N5000, which I had to borrow.

By the end of the seminar, I hadn't gained much weight, but I did get a CD full of various e-books.

So I started reading those e-books on my friends desktop because I didn't have one.

Those books led me to try different ways to earn money online.

And I did everything from the internet cafe.

I would finish ​homework and rush to the internet cafe to work on my various online business projects.

The problem was, they weren't earning me money.

I had even collected my younger brother's school fees to test my so-called online business.

​Within 6 months, I had a lot of debt.

I was frustrated.

I wanted something that worked.

So one day I decided to buy a $ 97 course from an American pastor who also runs an online business.

His name is Jimmy D. Brown.

I reviewed the $ 97 word-for-word course.

I ended up using what I learned to start a small business online.

Also from the cybercafé.

This company cost me a total capital of N3000.

But this time he made real money.

Averaged N4000 consistently for 12 months.

I was too excited.

You might think it wasn't a lot of money.

But I was excited because it gave me a proven system.

Then I used the same system to set up another online business that was generating 200,000 Naira a month.

This was at a time when most of my friends were still looking for work.

And I started to climb from there.

In 2018 I got some N6m for sale.

That's about N2m ​in two months just from the online business plan I learned from that American pastor.

The great thing about this online business plan is the low capital you need to get started and the high results you can get very quickly.

For example, in December 2018 I created a new online business with just N43,000 and it made around N3.8 million at the end of January 2019.

That is within 60 days.

Do you know of another company that can do the same?

I do not think.

This same blueprint was the one I used to start another online business that made the N700k in 5 days when I wanted to travel to Brazil ​in the 201​9.

Since I told this story in a recent seminar, many people have asked me to show them how this model works online.

That is why I created a step-by-step training video that explains how to set up an online business with this plan.

And the training is FREE:

Click here for the training =>$h/

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