5 Best Ways How To Make Money On Fast2earn Today

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Welcome back guys we’re still on the show on how to make money online using fast2earn investment as reference.


Last time I explained what fast2earn all about and how to buy a share to gain dividends/profit on fast2earn.


Fast2earn is the largest fund investment website round the world, and in existence for over nine years of age.


On this post am going to show you exactly how to make money on fast2earn in Nigeria step by step.


I’ve decided to make this post based on the last post I made on how to make money daily by investing in shares on fast2earn.


If you missed the post, you can click here to take a look.


So let’s get started


Today, I am going to show you 5 best ways you can make money from fast2earn. But before I go deep, let me tell you one secret thing about fast2earn.

Fast2earn is not a quick money-making scheme but is the easiest way to make money online. I’ll explain more on this listen, if you’re to make money on fast2earn, like you really want to make money on fast2earn, you must work for it, put your time, effort and dedications to make the money.


But, if you’re looking for a quick way to make money online this post is not for you, I’ll advise that you stop reading from here.


I would also advise that you should stop visiting this website because you’d never found a scammed method of making money online on my blog, every of our post must be tested and trusted methods of making money online.


Any scheme that did not test and confirmed would not be shared on nairanext.


On this post I’m going to review to you the secret of fast2earn and how to make legitimate money on fast2earn.


So many people asked me on social media “is fast2earn legit? and how to earn money on fast2earn?


To me, I don’t usually answer such questions, what I do was to provide them with my screenshot earnings in fast 2 earn, for them to be convinced that fast2earn is legit.


See some of my earning screenshots here





image 2




See more screenshot

how to make money on fast2earn



look at earning in screenshot






see more image from my fast2arn screenshot



Okay, guys enough of this long story let get started with the 5 simple ways how to make money on fast2earn. 


How to make money on fast2earn?

    1. Getting Employed.


Fast2earn is looking for an Internet marketing manager that deals with social networking and search engine optimization to maintain their client base and to look after new customers.


The person would take care of creating and implementing online marketing strategies to increase sales. And also to maximize creative opportunities afforded by the breadth of social marketing to attract more customers. He/she would also be in charge of designing banners for advertising.


How to apply 

Click here, to register on fast2earn, login to your account and scroll down to the bottom page of the website. Look for Careers at Fast to Earn you’ll see two positions you can apply for

Regional Sales Representative

Marketing Manager 


Select marketing manager by the right side and click on apply then wait for the company’s response in your email address.


       2. Perform A Job

What is fast2earn job performing? Job performing is writing a review about fast2earn and share to other websites like forum site or share as a blog post.


I made $200 in one month using job performing strategic. Job performing gives you extra money from new investors.

The more people click on the link or register with the link the more money you make.


How To Perform Job In Fast2earn?


Login to your account and click on the home menu on top of the webpage with a drop down arrow>>>click on perform job>>>it will take you to a page where you’ll ask to do some task with the task price attached to it on the top right Conner of the page.

Here is an example of the image below

how to make money on fast2earn


  1. Search on Google for a forum, go to this forum, create an account on it (if you don’t have), and post your review as a topic on the website:

Topic title: the topic title should be

>>>how to make money online fast or anything related to that.


Topic text:

>>>the review you write to post 

  1. Select any text on the post to give a back-link to the fast2earn site. The link should provide to you by fast2earn site and would have your unique id code.

Don’t just copy your affiliate link copy the one provide by fast2ern with these they would know that you have performed the task giving to you.


Once you post your review copy the website URL where the review was posted and go back to fast2earn the same place you copy your task id from, scroll down type in the URL and click submit. If the URL is accepted they’ll credit you instantly but error found on the URL fast2earn tells you what to do next.


With your unique id posted on several websites, you’ve chances of earning every time because each time people goes to the site and click on your link you get paid by fast2aern. And anytime, in future, when they make purchases you will receive 59% commission of whatever they earn.

I suggest that you should place your links to popular websites which have good web traffic with this you’ll get more click on your link.

It is a good idea to perform this job each day, and in a very short time you will have a good team of referrals, and steady income as a result


       3. Affiliate Marketing

Fast2earn pays you $0.03 per each person that registered with your link. They paid you more $$$ when the people you register purchase a project share on fast2earn.

Assuming that you’re good in affiliate marketing and you were able to register 1,000 people as refers and they purchase a share of $18 each. You’re to get %59 of the share per person.

Calculation $18 X 0.59=$10.62 per person X 1,000=$10,620 at a go. That sounds cool right? Okay, let me quickly show your another way to make money on fast2earn.


       4. Term Deposit 

Term deposit or fix deposit gives you monthly dividends/interest. You make money on fast2earn by fix deposit a certain amount on your account for at least 3 months.


Example: you can fix deposit $90 for three months to get $195. The more money you fix deposited the high ROI you get.


How to make a term deposit on fast2earn? 


Login to your account scroll down to the bottom look for term deposit click on the link you see where to deposit the money, put in the amount you want to deposited>>>>>chose how money months you want before withdrawal>>>>>chose where you want the month to be paid in when is due. Click on deposit to make a payment, you can deposit with your debit card or crypto wallet.


       5. Buying Of Project Shares 

You can make more $$$ on fast2earn when you buy a project share. You purchase a share/share to gain dividend/profit. When the share growths you resell it and make extra money.


How To Purchase A Project Share On Fast2earn?

Login to your account >>>>scroll up to the main menu >>>>click on the project>>>>click on all project>>>>search for “Revolutionary pillowCustom made jewelries or Java game development framework” this three project is recommended because they have more ROI than other shares on the site.


Chose a payment method you want to use to buy a share

Available payment methods include:

  • Bitcoin
  • Debit/Credit Card
  • Litecoin etc.


For instance, that you want to use bitcoin payment method;


You buy shares with bitcoin, you can use luno wallet or Coinbase or blockchain, then buy your bitcoin and you are good to go.


Don’t just buy shares anyhow, check the ones with good dividends/profit before buying. You can always use the recommendation on the fast2earn website itself or follow my recommendations I’d share with you shortly


Earning Explanation and Calculation on fast2earn


You lend the company your money for them to manage their business, then every day the company gives you a percentage.


assume the percentage is $0.20


And you bought about 10 shares.


Here is the calculation:


$0.20 × 10 = $2


That means you are making $2 per day and $60 per month


$1 in Nigeria is 500 as of now


That is N500 ×2 = 1,000


In a month. N1,00 × 30days = N30,000


Wow, does that sound like something you love?


You still don’t understand that calculation?


Below is another one for you;


If you buy 10 shares now @ $3 per share and u are earning 0.07 each share now look at the calculation



Then 0.7*30days = 21$

Then $21*360 = 7,560


Let’s see another calculation


And if you decide to buy like 20 shares

0.07*20= 1.4

1.4 *30days = $42 which is 15,120 in Naira


Very simple right?


Wait first.


It’s like you still don’t understand.


I want to make sure you understand, so here another below explanation.


My recommendation is for you to buy shares that are higher than $3.00 per share.


So let’s take for example you see a share like below and wants to buy it.


Java Game Development Framework

how to make money on fast2earn



Remember: Buy shares that are higher than $3.00


Buy up to 10 to 100 of that particular share.


Always try to buy shares within that range $8.00… buy as many as possible.


If you buy like 10 of those shares, you spend $80

If you buy like 100 of those shares, you spend $800


For example: if you buy 50 of that shares and the dividend is 0.06, then your daily dividends is 0.06*50 = $30


You will be earning $30 per day for life.


Per month would be $30 per day * 30 days = $900 per month.


How do you see this?


Well, for me I would say yes, it’s an easy way to make money online through investing and doing nothing else.


Just invest and expect your profit daily.


Any share you want to buy, make sure you check the daily dividend.


This is a very good investment opportunity for those who are not ready to do hard work online or people who are too busy to work on different business models.


Now you can go ahead in making money on fast2earn without any interruption.


As you can see above, make sure you follow the instructions carefully.


Again if you haven’t read my post on fast2earn, go here to read it and understand.


Feel free to let me know in the comment section if you have any questions about this post on how to make money on fast2earn.



Fast2earn is legit and is one of the best place to make bitcoin investment in 2021. In my next post I will show you 4 Best Share That Will Help You Reach Financial Freedom 2021


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