how to make money online with your android phone in nigeria

How To Make Money Online With Your Android Phone In Nigeria

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Welcome to my blog, if this is the first time you’re visiting my website I welcome you, please take your time to scroll around, you’ll see a lot of articles to read on how to make money online in Nigeria, I promise you’re going to love them all. But if this is not your first time visiting, thank you for coming back and remain blessed.


In this article, I’m going to show you how to make money online with your android phone in Nigeria phone.

Many people don’t believe that you can actually make money online as a Nigerian. They believed that anything about making money online is a scam and is never real.


That’s why you find it difficult to explain to an average Nigerian that you’re making money online without him/her tagging you a Yahoo Boy/Girl.


Today, I’m going to prove to you that you can make money online free as a Nigeria using your smartphone/android phone.


How make money online in Nigeria with your phone?


There are several ways to make money online in Nigeria, but this one simple straight method would give you #50,000 every month without leaving your comfortable home.

how to make money online with your android phone in nigeria


How to make money online with you android phone in Nigeria?



PiggyVest  is the first online “Savings and Investments” website in Nigeria. They first launched on January 7, 2016, as “Piggybank. ng” as a savings-only platform in Nigeria.


In the first 3 years, they started, they only offered savings to their users. In April 2019, Piggybank. ng changed the name to “PiggyVest” and started offering users direct investment opportunities in addition to savings.

PiggyVest is on a mission to ‘enable everyone to better manage and grow their finances’, and I’m going to explain to you how to make money with PiggyVest.


5 ways to build your savings with PiggyVest.

how to make money online with your android phone in nigeria

  1. Automated Savings: Is the process of building dedicated savings automatically or manually by linking your local bank account to your biggest online bank account.

Your automated savings could be Daily, Weekly or Monthly, depending on the amount that you want to be saving.


    2. Fixed SavingsLock: You can fix deposit money for a period without access to the expiration date. It’s like having a custom fixed deposit just as we do in our local banks.


  3. Dollar Savings: Helps you save in foreign currencies such as USD and Euros. You can save your money with dollar savings to allowing your naira to stay stable when the dollar rises or decreases.


  4. Flexible Savings: Helps you to save, transfer, withdraw, manage and organize your money for free at any time. In this method of savings, you can withdraw your money to bank account without any day at any time without a withdrawal fee.



  5. Goal-oriented Savings/Target Savings: With this, you can reach all your savings goals faster. Save towards multiple goals on your own or with a group. To gain more clarity visit FAQs page of PiggyVest.


How to link account number to piggyvest account?

To start auto-saving with piggyvest account you need to link your normal bank account to your piggyvest account.


“PiggyVest investment pays every of their new registered member #1,000 for every valid registered user. You get this #1,000 when you register with my link and also get additional #500 from me once I confirmed your registration. To claim your #500 either by airtime or bank transfer WHATSAPP.”


Register on PiggyVest>>>>>login to your account>>>>>click on account


how to make money online with your android phone in nigeria



how to make money online with your android phone in nigeria

how to make money online with your android phone in nigeria


My Card & Bank Settings, add your ATM card to it and click save. Go back to Savings, scroll up at the left side. Click savings >>>>>>Piggybank>>>>>click on settings>>>>>>>turn on your auto-save button>>>>>click on set auto savings

how to make money online with your android phone in nigeria




Choose either daily, weekly, monthly anyone that is confident for you, put in the amount CONTINUE to select the ATM card that we added previously. Set time and date in which you want your money to be auto-saving.

how to make money online with your android phone in nigeria

The money would be depositing itself from your normal bank account to your piggyvest login account according to your time, day, week or months you choose.


How does Piggyvest work?


PiggyVest affiliate pays you #1,000 instantly as soon as someone signs up with you piggyvest affiliate link. Piggyvest also gives your merchants #1,000 when they properly verified their accounts.


I paid all my merchants additional #500 when they register with my piggyvest affiliate link and got their account verified. They get their money by bank transfer or recharge card of any network.


how to use piggyvest?

Investment in piggyvest is a feature of PiggyVest that allows users to earn more from their savings by investing in previously vetted, primary and secondary investment opportunities with low to medium risk.


How much money can you save in a piggy bank?

If you want to take a really fun trip for a special occasion in 10 years, to collect the cost of #5,000,000, you have to save #1,500 per day. If you put that in a piggyvest and then put # 1,434 into a savings account once a year at 1% zero interest after taxes, you’ve got your travel money.


Is piggyvest legit?

Yes, piggyvest is 99% legit with trust in all kind. With piggyvest app you can archive your financial goal.


With this kind of savings, you can legally make money online in Nigeria with your phone, even as a student. Share your piggyvest affiliate link to all your friends across all social media.


Making money online in Nigeria is quite simple, especially when you know how to make money online in Nigeria with your phone.


If you put in your time and effort with these simple method, I can assure you #50,000 in every 50 people that registered with your piggyvest affiliate link and there won’t be any reason of searching how to make money online with your android phone in Nigeria. This alone can give you a very good amount of money if you’re serious about it.


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