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4 Smart Websites to Make Money Online: A Step by Step Guide 2021

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Welcome back guys, I can see that a lot of you want to make money online and you’re serious about that, right?


That’s why I’m always here to show you legitimate ways to make money online from the comfort of your home. In this topic, you’re going to learn a lot of easy ways to make money online.


I’m going to show you 4 best websites that would pay you $500+ every single day to work from home.


These 4 websites are tested and trusted ways of making money online, I’m going to take them one after the other with a step by step on how you can make money with those websites.


But before I start, let me quickly ask a little favour from you guys, please do share my post to your friends and family.


Sharing this blog post doesn’t give me any money, it gives me happiness that you guys love what I’m doing here, also it gives me the strength to do more. Sharing this post to your friends is also your way of helping them to learn how to earn money online.


In this 2021 make money online business, we’re moving together and we’re not going to leave anybody behind, so please do share the post to carry others along.


Here is the list of the first 4 websites that you can start making money online with,


I would mention them one by one and show you step by step on how you make money with those websites.


So, the first website that you’re going to make money online with, is.


  1. Etsy

how to make money online


Is an e-commerce website focused on vintage or handmade items and craft supplies?


These items fall under a wide range of categories, including jewellery, bags, clothing, home décor and furniture, toys, art, as well as craft supplies and tools.

So, what it means is that you’re going to sell your handmade items to make money on Etsy.

But let me ask you,

Do you have handwork or a handmade product you can sell on Etsy?

Yes, I know you’ve. But if you don’t.

Relax, I’m going to show you how to get handmade items to sell on Etsy.

You don’t have to stress yourself about getting a product to sell on Etsy.

I’m going to review to you how to get already made vintage that you can sell on Etsy to make money online.


And I’d also show you the easiest thing that I’ve tried that sells first on Etsy.

There are a lot of things that can be sold on Etsy, but the high demand one is designed T-shirt.

What is designed T-shirt?

Is a popular way to add a personal and creative touch to a t-shirt, one of the most recognized types of clothing in the world. There are many options for t-shirt designs – a design can include images or graphics, words, original art, or even logos or slogans.

Examples of designed T-shirt


make money online

If you know how to design such T-shirts, you’re going to make a lot of money on Etsy, because that’s what sells fast on the website.


Worry not, if you don’t know how to design T-shirts.


I would show you where you can get already made T-shirt that you would sell on Etsy and pocket your money.


Browse through the webpage of Etsy you would notice that a lot is being sold there, but the easiest to sell is T-shirt.


How Much Money Can You Make Selling on Etsy?


Etsy is a great place to earn extra income.


It’s very easy to set up, and Etsy caters to a very specific audience. As a maker, Etsy is one of the best places to sell handmade goods, vintage goods, and digital items.


Etsy has also done a great job of keeping the platform true to Etsy’s core values, which is to keep cheap and mass-produced items away from the platform.


The platform has 1.7 million active sellers and 28.6 million active buyers; sure there’s an audience out there if you know you can do something that people want.


Sell the right product and follow the tips below, and you’ll easily earn enough money to top up your student loan, pay off your mortgage, or save for retirement.


How much money do you make on Etsy?


The money you make on Etsy depends on many things: the effort you put into it, the uniqueness of your product, the demand for your product, and how well you market yourself.


Some people make $ 50 a month, while others make a full-time income and quit their jobs to sell on Etsy. It is unlikely that you will become a millionaire selling on Etsy, but if you follow some of the simple rules, you can easily earn some nice extra income while doing something you enjoy.

How to get a T-shirt to sell on Etsy?



You are going to use Printify to make a well looking designed T-shirt on Etsy.

make money online

How does it work


Printify simplifies and automates the process of sourcing and creating print-on-demand products at the best prices in the market.

Printify contains more than 200 products such as t-shirts, mugs, socks and home accessories that you can personalize. Choose the most suitable product for your business based on the location of the printer, the lead time and the price.

You can use Printify free mockup generator to apply your designs to the products of your choice. Simply upload your design, switch between colour options, and preview your products in high-quality images. The mockup is designed to easily add products to your online store.

This allows you to try out different products and find the right print provider for your business.

Once you are happy with your custom product, automatically post it to your online Etsy account.


Printify is integrated with major eCommerce platforms you can use to sell you designed products such as Shopify, Etsy, Wix and more, so you can sell to millions of online shoppers with ease.


How do I send a product to my customers when they make a demand/order?

When you make a sale and your product passes quality control, all you have to do is to collect the client address and mail send to Printify. Printify is going to do the production and then shipped directly to your customer with the address you gave them. When the person makes payment to Etsy.


They pay you your commission and send the money to Printify because they work hand to hand. Etsy knows you’re not the one doing the design production.


You can easily follow this process from your Printify account. Focus on growing your brand while they take care of the rest.

I know some of you now we are asking Miracle how did you get to know all these things?

How did you set up your Printify account?

What I did was so simple

I went to YouTube and search for keywords “how to set up Printify account?’’

How to link Printify to my Etsy account?”

I search all that on YouTube and watched the video to set up my account and start selling on Etsy. You can as well search for those keywords and learn from the videos.

Let move over to the second website on how to make money online.



Udemy is one of the best websites to make money online. I know a lot of you might have heard about Udemy, but may probably not going to know how to make money on it.

When I was using Udemy I wasn’t that serious because I was busy searching for other ways to make money online. Still make $300+ within a month.


How do I make money on Udemy?

Video course is what most people sell on Udemy. Is very hard to earn money on Udemy, if you don’t know how to create video courses.

When I started with Udemy I didn’t know how to create video courses.

Here is one of the tricks that I use to make money on Udemy.

Go to YouTube search for a video course that has a very relevant topic with lengthy detail on it.


Look for a video with a different view on a particular product or topic. You can choose from a playlist videos

Playlist videos are the videos with step by step topics.


Video 1: What is Etsy?

Video 2: How to make money on Etsy?

Video 3: How much can I make on Etsy? Etc

Get a playlist video like these and get the download on your laptop.

When searching for playlist videos, Search for videos that do not have face record on it. Put it on video editing software and extract the voice, record your voice, attach it to the video and upload the video on Udemy, sell it as your course. As simple as that you’re good to go.



Yes, you heard me mentioned Filipa.

Filipa is one of the best websites you can make money online with, but how are you going to make money on Filipa.


Many people know that Filipa is where you can flip to sell or resell domain names, blog sites or websites of any kind.

At these time we’re not going to sell a domain name or sell website on Filipa.


The first thing to do to make money on Filipa is to spend money on Filipa. Yes, we’re going to spend on Filipa before we can earn money on Filipa.


Go to Filipa create an account>>>>>>>login >>>>>>>click on sell blogs on the menu section, search for low price blogs that listed for sell.

You can see some blogs at $8-$20 buy any from the list, buy as many as you can afford to. We’re going to resell those websites.

Once you purchased the website go to YouTube and search for how to send traffics to my website. Begin to send traffics to the website. Until it gets enough daily visitors


You can make use of the free traffics sites like; Quora, Medium and Pinterest. These three websites have much potential of sending traffics to a website.

Once you get enough traffics to the website, go back to Filipa and sell it on a higher price.


 4.Idprl offers free PLR products you can download to sell/resell. Visit Idprl you would see a lot of products like eBooks, software etc. Download any of them redesign the cover. Redesigning the cover is very necessary, make it in a way that people won’t know where you get the product from.


Redesign and make a little change on the eBook. If it is software that you chose to sell, just make a change on the cover design and sell it as your product. You can sell on Amazon or any other eCommerce websites that you know. I sell mine on Facebook and Warrior+.


Above mentioned websites are going to make you up to $500+ every single week working from home, if you put in more effort and dedication.


Some of the websites are newly make money online websites with low competitions.


Means that many didn’t know about these websites and even if they did, they don’t know how to make money on them.


You can read through the post again pick up the one you think is easy for you and start to make money online.


I hope you got value


I would continue to write you step by step guides on how to make money online.


Got any question use the comment section.

I would answer all question accordingly.



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