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My name is Miracle Azubuike, Miracle Ifeanyichukwu Azubuike in its entirety, (born September 1990, Oji-River, Enugu, Nigeria.), Nigerian RN who was co-founder and CEO (2020–) of Nairanext, a business blog in Internet.

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Why did Miracle Azubuike drop out of college?


After attending St Paul’s College, Azubuike enrolled at Oji-River College of Health in 2014. On September 5, 2015, I launched (renamed Nairasms in 2016), a directory where fellow students put their own phone number in a template that he came up with. Within two weeks, half of the students had started using my mass texting site.


I met my two friends on Facebook in 2016, Maxwell Temitayo and Chukwu Fidelis, who helped me add features and make the site available to other campuses across the country.


Nairasms quickly gained popularity as registered users were able to create profiles, send messages and other invitations, and stay in touch with friends and benefactors. However, it differed from other mobile bulk texting sites in its emphasis on real names (and email addresses) or “trusted connections.” He also put special emphasis on mobile marketing business, spreading information not only to teach individual mobile marketing, but also to teach Internet business, what I called “seizing opportunities.”


In the summer of 2017, I moved my headquarters to Abakaliki, Ebonyi, where I spoke with Okechukwu, a friend and capitalist, to get start-up money, but my friend turned me down. The battle becomes so difficult to survive, do you know how difficult it is when you have no father? I left the College of Health to focus on building my own business and becoming CEO and President of Miracle & Son’s Medical Store.


In May 2019, Miracle & Son’s Medical Store received its first major injection of venture capital (N3 million). Four months later, the Pharmacy Council of Nigeria, PCN opened the Miracle & Son medical store for Whole Sells. Meanwhile, distributors and companies also started offering him a business deal, and by September 2019, anyone with little or a lot of money could easily buy from them depending on where he lived. At that time, Azubuike rejected a partnership offer from Phinox Pharmaceutical Ltd. but in 2020 Azubuike made the decision to return to its Internet business with a new format and a new Nairanext brand. I built Nairanext with the intention of being my second company.


I’m the CEO of Nairanext Business Blog, the main evangelist for Miracle & Son’s Medical Store, the head coach. My goal here is to help you start, manage and grow a profitable and sustainable business using digital marketing strategies. If you want to hire a professional for your online marketing, I’m your expert to talk to. connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn with this identifier, @MiraclesHustle

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