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Top 5 Best Profitable Online Business You Can Start with Little Capital

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Often time’s on social medial I see a lot of people asking what business they can start with little capital.

People come to my mail box to ask me such questions, as a result, I have decided to give a compilation of 5 profitable online business anyone can start with little capital.

The truth is there are a lot of profitable online business you can start with little capital.

Online business is a growing sector that is yet to reach its peak. There are tons of opportunities to leverage in the online space.

Many people are making a lot of money online simply with their phones or laptops.

People are generally getting more attached to the internet and technology. A lot of people seek various information and advice from the internet.

With so much contents are on the internet, yet a lot of people are continuously searching for more; so it’s never a bad idea neither is it too late to leverage this opportunity.


5 profitable online business you can start with little capital.

   1. Online Freelancer:

A freelancer is a self-employed person who offers professional services and who is not committed to a particular employer, often working on several jobs for multiple clients at the same time.

If you possess any of these digital skills such as Web programming, digital marketing, social media marketing, freelance writing, graphic designing, or website development, then you’ve the capacity to become a successful freelancer.

Two top advantages of being a freelancer is that you can charge at your rate and combine different jobs you like if you are capable of handling them.

There are top global popular websites like Freelancer, Upwork and Fiverr that offer a platform to showcase your skills and make more money.


profitable online businesses

How to Start Freelancing work with Little or No Experience


Select a skill.  Agreed me when I say that people require professional services for almost any task they can imagine. Selecting a skill that you love and believe so much in gives you joy when doing it.

Try master the skill you chosen to go with, being professional in that field gives you the authority over your competitors.

However, being a freelancer offers you the choice of finding that skill, or hobby, or training that you have competence in and find joy in doing and getting paid while performing such tasks.

Build your Brand. You know in business especially in online business cycle competitors are becoming resolute and you have to really stand out from the crowd if you hope to secure work engagements on a consistent basis

Branding also about the specialization, For instance, the articles I write focus mainly on affiliate marketing, information marketing and business.

With this specialization, I am far more attractive to a specific set of prospective audience. So it is, the purpose of branding is to distinguish from your competitors. Once you create a distinguishing impact then your promotion and advertising campaigns are going to be far more effective.


Build a Portfolio and Ask for Testimonials. In the freelance world people believed in what they see, people don’t care about whom you’re, what you offer, they care about your result and how you did it.

So you’ve to show previous work to convince people that you really know what you’re doing.

You can decide to offer the service free to few people, use the work as your portfolio, and then asked the clients to give you review for testimony.



How to Make Money as a Freelancer?


Demand your Worth: Some freelance writers fall under the content mill trap, especially when they’re just starting out and don’t have an in depth portfolio to point out potential clients. But content mills are the worst possible thanks to make a living as a freelancer—if you’ll make a living from them in the least.


Stay away from lowest-bidder free-for-alls like, whether a client wants you to write 100 search-engine-optimized articles on the exact same topic or create something that’s genuinely high-quality, your time will rarely be fairly compensated by employment you discover on a content mill. You deserve clients who can pay you for your talents and expertise. If they need an honest writer, they ought to be willing to buy one.


Don’t forget you run a business. Many writers go freelance because they don’t like traditional jobs; they love the freedom and creativity freelancing gives them. And while freelancing is much more rewarding than making copies or entering data, remember that you are still running a business, or you don’t have to run a business for long.

In addition to wearing a writer’s hat, freelancers should also be good at accounting, marketing, customer service, project management, and countless other tasks. You can’t resist chasing customers who don’t pay – or removing customers who turn out to have more problems than they are worth. You need to make sure you get everything on paper before starting a project, so become familiar with the terms “scope of work” and “breach of contract”. You also have to make sure that the numbers are increasing and that you are covered for tax purposes.

Be organized. Depending on the clients and projects you hire, you may find yourself juggling two highly engaged eBooks, different websites or a collection of small writing projects, all with competitive deadlines. To keep your head above water – and have time to do your best work – you must learn to be your own best personal assistant.

Set a calendar for yourself with deadlines for everything on your plate, and halfway through which will give you an idea of the steps you should have taken when. For example, if you are writing an e-book, by which date should your final draft, is ready? On what date should the layout be complete? Splitting your projects into actionable action steps makes it easier to visualize your progress and easier to keep all the balls in the air when you manage multiple projects.


7 Trusted Freelance Sites To Make Money

Here are some free graphics design websites you can use to start your graphics design career. They offer free professional designs; all you’ve to do is just register with any of the site, try to understand how each of them works and then start your graphic design career.

Free Design Sites:

You can also use CANVAS if you know how to use it.



  1. Social Media Consultants:

These people get paid by number of likes, shares, comments, impressions and overall conversion rates.

You can develop social media strategies for brands that want to promote their businesses on social media. If you know how to build a large number of followers on social media platforms within a very short period of time, then you can comfortably make huge amount of money from your skill.

What Does a Social Media Consultant Do?

The Social highlights list of the tasks of a social media consultant:

  1. Social media audit
  2. Coaching sessions or retainers
  3. Training
  4. Social media management
  5. Account creation and setup for new businesses
  6. Social media strategy session
  7. Brand awareness
  8. Develop and implement brand strategies, campaigns and social media plans to build brand / business awareness
  9. Schedule paid ad strategies and social media budgets
  10. Monitor the day-to-day management of campaigns and ensure brand consistency
  11. Research and understand the needs and tone of different customers and keep up to date with news and trends in their industry
  12. Create, maintain and expand new, existing social networks including Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, FourSquare, Instagram, Google+, Facebook and others
  13. Manage company blog and editorial calendar, eBlasts and landing pages that match social updates
  14. Track social media progress using web analysis tools
  15. Use optimization strategies, analyze data and research the best ways to generate more traffic
  16. See the success of campaigns and develop ways to improve
  17. Encourage engagement with influencers on social media
  18. Solve customer problems through social media
  19. Create compelling written and visual content for blogs, newsletters and landing pages
  20. Explore new media platforms, trends and opportunities in the sector

Many people think they enter the world of social media management without a strong list of skills, but not you.

After reading this post, you’ll be much more equipped (and happy) to get started.

Which tools do Social Media Consultants use?


Just like any other profession, there are certain tools of the trade that you need to know if you want to make money as a social media marketer.

During my research, I discovered that social media marketing tools could be grouped into three main categories: planning tools, design tools, and SEO tools. Let’s take a look at all three.

Scheduling Tools

If you must succeed on social medial market you must learn how to use scheduling tools.


Scheduling tools would allow you to post on social medial even when you’re not online. The tools post for your social medial account. This is the secret sauce that makes it possible for you to handle work for several companies at the same time.


And if you’re behind the computer or your smart phone clicking the “post” button for every single social media post, you’ll never be able to excel on social media business.


Here are a few of the most popular scheduling tools on the market today.


Hootsuite:  Hootsuite is probably the most popular planning tool for social media professionals. Hootsuite allows you to schedule hundreds of social media posts in all your social accounts at once. Here are some other things you can do with Hootsuite.

Tailwind: While Tailwind recently expanded its services to other social media networks such as Instagram and Facebook, their expertise and fame has always been Pinterest.


3. Writing Career:


This is a growing niche that is yet to reach its peak. Yes, this is actually an upcoming career which many people have not leveraged.


You can become a highly paid ghostwriter if you know how to write and publish a book. You can scale up further by becoming a professional editor and also go into online publishing.


How to start a writing career?


  1. Don’t wait to call yourself a writer. You don’t need to be published to be a writer. You are a writer when you write – work on it, learn it, make progress.


It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner.

Every writer you can name is unknown and unpublished.

  1. Don’t stop. You will find enough reasons to give up. Decide to write whatever happens.

Study, research, grow, develop thick skin, work hard, accept editing and input – no matter how painful they can be, and learn to become an aggressive, even ruthless self-editor.

Sit in the chair every day and get words on the page. Not all of them will be perfect, but writing is the only way to get better at it.

  1. Write from your passions. I was a story fanatic as a child and dreamed of becoming a big novel writer. Every book report I wrote in high school was about stories, until my teacher insisted that I broaden my reading.

I read Characters Illustrated, the book section of our local newspaper, and everything else that has to do with novel.

My dad created a time table for me that I spent hours writing. I wrote about every novel that I read as if I were a novelist writer.

When I was fourteen I signed up for a job as a high school cultural stringer for the local newspaper. I got a dollar per column inch that survived the story editor’s edits, making me a professional writer.

When I was nineteen I became a novelist editor for that article. My passion had become my profession.

  1. Work on it every day. Would you believe that I still work every day to sharpen my writing skills?

I believe that if I don’t grow, I stagnate. Writers who think they have arrived are getting lazy and out of date.

  1. Create your writer’s website. When you start pitching your work to agents and publishers, they will look you up on the Internet.

Your website will become your business card, your portfolio, and you can also start building the next thing you need to become a full-time writer.

  1. Look for opportunities. Are you a volunteer with an organization that can use writing help? Is your local newspaper looking for content?

Opportunities, paid and unpaid, can provide you with valuable experience.

Be prepared to do what no one else will do.

7. Find like-minded writers. Most writers I know are surrounded by a helpful community that helps them deal with:


  1. Frustration
  2. Discouragement
  3. Procrastination
  4. Want to stop

Another pair of eyes at work can prove invaluable. Ten pairs of eyes are even better.

That’s why I recommend looking for a critic group for writers or a mentor.

Be prepared to get an ego bruise first. You become a better writer by being held responsible and encouraged to stick to it.

A word of warning: Make sure that at least one person in the group, preferably the leader, is experienced and understands the writing business. A group of all beginners risks the blind leading the blind.

  1. Network, network, network. Meet people in your community. Get involved. Volunteer. Build relationships.

Introduce yourself and meet writers you admire.

Gaining experience is not just about writing; it is about building relationships. The more people you know, the more opportunities you get.

  1. Focus. A career as a writer can mean more than just writing books. You could become a journalist, medical writer, translator, business plan writer – all niche markets need writers.

As a freelancer, you can’t be everything to all people (especially if you’re just starting out). So you have to choose a focus area.

The 5 most realistic ways to make money as a writer

  1. Get paid to write articles for blogs, magazines and magazines
  2. Earn money by creating collateral for businesses that are hungry for content
  3. Get paid to write by becoming a top-selling Kindle author
  4. Make money writing as a conversion-oriented copywriter
  5. Build a niche blog and promote third-party products

Another profitable online business to start is vlogging business

  1. Vlogging business:

    This actually means video blogging. With the high rate of increase in video contents, vlogging is considered a very lucrative business idea.

There is an increase in demand for video contents. People now prefer to watch a short video than to read a long text-based content to get similar information.

That is why platforms like YouTube will keep thriving and making waves.

It’s in two ways, you can start creating and publishing video contents on YouTube, then when you get a large number of subscribers, you can then monetize it.

Another alternative is for you to create online courses that will teach people how to create powerful video contents for their brands.

You can also create an e-book to share your knowledge. By selling these digital products, you make your cool money.

But how do Vloggers actually make money?

They put all these resources into making fun videos and then give them away for free on sites like YouTube.

So where does the income come from?

There are 3 types of income for vloggers:


Advertising – Video sites (such as YouTube) usually provide some sort of advertising service for video up-loaders. When viewers see or click on the ads, the vlogger gets a percentage, as does the video site.


Sponsorship – Not easy to get at first, but once you have a significant number of subscribers, some companies will pay you to list them during videos. The amount depends on the number of expected viewers.


Affiliate Marketing – Easier to find than sponsorships. Vloggers link to a product (or provide a coupon code) in the video itself or in the video description. When a viewer buys something, the vlogger gets a discount.

Advertising is by far the most common because you can use it even if you don’t have a high number of subscribers.

  1. Drop-shipping business:

    This is another lucrative business you can venture into with low capital.


I’m currently learning this business but I can tell you that this business is one of the best lucrative businesses to start.


All you need is your laptop or Smartphone, internet connection, and your social media handle e.g. Facebook, instagram etc which will serve as your shop.


You basically Log into and look for hot selling products that you know people will be interested in, then take the product to your social media pages and advertise them on your pages (for maximum reach use ads), when you get orders, you then order for the products and deliver on time.


Your customers’ trust is important you’ve got to earn it. The top secrets of the Business is identifying and knowing what people need at a particular moment and give them just that.


Answer this question:


Which online business are you currently into or which one do you intend to start?


I hope this report about profitable online business helped? You’ll learn more from us and we’ll continue to give you valuable information on how to make more money on internet.


Tweet: the best and easiest way to make money online is to figure out, how to make money in many ways from one business, not how to make money from different business. Making money from one business in many ways is more profitable

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